About Us

The Professional Advisors Alliance (PAA) was founded by one the oldest mutually-owned insurance companies in the United States, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. Since 1847, Penn Mutual has been driven to create a world of possibilities one individual, one family, and one small business at a time.

What Do We Do?

The Professional Advisors Alliance (PAA), helps financial professionals, Certified Public Accountants, and Property & Casualty professionals collaborate to offer more comprehensive financial services to clients. Our educational materials, network of financial professionals, and strategic alliance process help advisers deliver comprehensive services to their clients without spreading themselves too thin.

What Makes Us Different?

The PAA believes in leaving professionals in charge of their clients, using collaboration to broaden one’s services instead of giving up control. You are your clients’ most trusted adviser, and nothing should get in the way of that! We take the time to learn about your practice so that your team of advisers can continue your vision for your practice.

Why Clients Benefit

In a world where many only focus on pure investment strategies, the PAA believes that real life, with its many ups and downs, requires much more comprehensive solutions. Families and small businesses often need more than what pre-packages portfolios or general investment advice can provide. An adviser can call him or herself a fiduciary, but that does not mean that a person’s clients are prepared for tough financial times like an illness or death. This is where PAA strategic alliances stand out.