Our Services

Rather than force you into a rigid timeline, we help accountants, property & casualty associates, and financial professionals explore ways to collaborate with each other in a manner that works best for them. We offer marketing plans and ideas, business planning support, and general guidance on setting up these comprehensive arrangements so that all involved can rest assured that their clients are being well advised and set up for financial success.

How do we help create strategic alliances?

We listen.
We learn about your practice, working to understand your core competencies, the backgrounds of your client base, and what is most important to you as you think about your future.

We team up.
You may have already been approached by one of our financial professionals, and maybe that's why you’re visiting our site. But if not, we can help match you with a team of individuals that are the right fit for what you want to accomplish.

We plan.
We help create a collaborative plan to address an agreed upon set of key objectives. Whether it’s your clients’ face-to-face experience or their digital journey, we help you decide the best way to expand your services in the right time frame.

We grow together.
As a member of the PAA, you have access to Penn Mutual’s marketing and educational resources for you and your firm. Whether it is simple financial know-how tips for your clients, estate and retirement strategies for high net worth individuals, or business succession plans for business owners, the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by the 170-year-old Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company is at your fingertips.

What's in it for you?
An advantage of creating a strategic alliance is that you decide which capabilities to leverage from other firms while maintaining ownership and control of your business. This enables you to offer additional valuable services to clients, but without having to devote as much time and resources as doing it on your own.

What do we NOT offer?

We do not offer firm buyouts, nor do we provide business or succession plans for a fee.

Are my clients contacted directly by my strategic alliance partners?

We believe that YOU are your client's most trusted adviser, and to veer away from that would be a mistake. Client communication and privacy laws are of the utmost concern to the PAA. We help each strategic alliance develop a marketing strategy that adheres to communication and privacy laws, as well as makes each strategic partner comfortable with how their clients are informed of these services.