Implement a Turnkey Program

Step 3 of the PAA Process: Implement a Turnkey Program
We don't just make sure that your marketing gets done—we make sure it gets done right.

By developing a detailed schedule for implementing the action steps in this plan—including projects, responsibilities, budgeted costs, and desired results—we ensure that your marketing programs roll out on time and achieve maximum impact with your targeted client segments.

We also provide additional resources to help get you up and running, including:

  • Information to help you further understand the "business models" a partnership can take and the relative advantages of each
  • An implementation checklist for setting up a strategic alliance and announcing it to your clients
  • A FAQ with answers to common questions about forming alliances
  • Turnkey forms and disclosures

Our step-by-step compliance process works. It promotes your firm's ownership of the business, and it clearly designates the important steps that you (or your staff) must take to make the marketing plan successful.

But we don't stop there. We continue to add value and guidance beyond implementation and into the future.

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