Practice Management and Support

Step 5 of the PAA Process: Practice Management and Support
PAA and your Alliance Partner will continue to add value by guiding your financial services practice, training your partners or employees, and facilitating your acquisition of required licenses or registrations.

Our program encourages CPAs and Alliance Partners to communicate frequently and share knowledge broadly. Our goal is to help you increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence in financial services.

Flexibility for Success
We believe that successful alliances are flexible and subject to adjustments over time. As your experience grows and your clients become accustomed to your expanded financial services, you may wish to consider adding new marketing programs, service specialties, or planning capabilities. We can continue to guide and advise you in these areas.

We can also help to review your results against your planning goals and suggest the best ways to improve marketing program performance and service delivery.

Lastly, we are also flexible in the ways we are able to partner with firms of different sizes and client bases.

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