Firm Assessment

Step 1 of the PAA Process: Assess Your Firm
The Firm Assessment is designed to help the advisor and CPA firm work together to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with results of a recent Moss Adams study.

The Firm Assessment consists of two key components:

Practice Profile
Utilizing an AICPA-based profiling model, we work with you to jointly evaluate your firm's capabilities, growth objectives, revenue potential, and means for successfully positioning your firm to meet client expectations while expanding your financial services.

This information will be used to determine whether your practice has the necessary characteristics to successfully integrate financial services.

AICPA Self-Assessment
This assessment is conducted with the individual CPA partners; it helps the CPA focus on himself/herself and the future of his/her business. Collecting this valuable information up front and gaining an understanding of the CPA's commitment to the future enables us to determine whether the CPA will be a viable partner to PAA.

Essentially, Step 1 qualifies your practice and ensures we are able to set you up for success.

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