Benefits of Partnership

A partnership model offers the opportunity to negotiate an attractive arrangement with an Alliance Partner and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the terms of the relationship. And ideally, both participants should agree that the strategic alliance can be adjusted or revised periodically.

Additionally, a partnership provides you with:

  • Control over the revenue and profitability targets you wish to achieve
  • Flexibility in naming and positioning the unit to align with your values
  • Opportunities to share the partner’s technical expertise and “learn as you grow”
  • Control over the ethical and service-delivery standards of the new unit
  • Selectivity in referring specific clients to the unit
  • Ability to decide how far in each client’s planning process your firm wishes to stay involved
  • Ability to monitor clients’ satisfaction with results

And perhaps most importantly, the partnership model gives you the confidence of knowing you aren’t venturing into this initiative alone. You can rely on the knowledge, expertise, and networks of your Alliance Partner.

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