Our Unique Program

Professional Advisors Alliance (PAA) helps CPA firms understand and evaluate their choices for expanding their service offerings. Our comprehensive package of knowledge, prospecting tools, and personal coaching and planning support are designed to jump start your efforts. But, unlike other programs, we work with you as partners throughout the expansion process to ensure that you:

  • Understand your choices for expanding
  • Have the guidance and support you need throughout the process
  • Continue to make profitable decisions for your firm's future

In short, we help firms bridge their accounting-only past with their financial services future.

You Benefit From Our Experience

Our experience allows you to avoid the "learning curve" that many other CPA firms experience while expanding their practices in financial services. PAA has extensively studied the keys that contribute to the success of a firm and can help you understand and implement them better.

Four Steps to Strategic Decision Making

Utilizing the Moss Adams four step approach to strategic decision making, PAA helps develop individualized business processes to:

  1. Develop a plan and align goals
  2. Develop a performance monitoring process
  3. Formalize a compensation system
  4. Devote time and energy to marketing
What Our Clients Are Saying!
"For years I had been concerned that my clients were not getting adequate coordinated investment and financial planning advice from their brokers and insurance agents. And, many of my annual tax clients were doing virtually nothing related to financial planning. Our firm developed a concept that put a Certified Financial Planner in the room with the client's CPA with the sole purpose of clearly identifying the client's financial goals and designing a tax efficient financial plan that met their needs. We are now partnering on a regular basis to provide wealth and risk management services to our clients. Our bottom line has been enhanced and our clients are grateful that we have them on track to meeting their financial goals." — Michael F. Perkins, CPA

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