Expanding Your Services

Accounting firms of all sizes throughout the United States are expanding on their traditional services by becoming financial advisors and wealth managers. This is being driven by structural changes in the CPA profession, new regulation, and emerging opportunities. Almost all CPAs are aware of the changes and opportunities. But this leaves one critical question: Why Should YOU consider expanding your practice in financial services? At PAA, we believe the best answer may be shorter and simpler than you think.

Because You Have Choices

PAA will make sure you understand the full range of choices you have for expanding efficiently in financial services, without losing sight of the key values and core competencies that you have worked so hard to achieve. We offer a range of structural options for setting up strategic alliances, and each can be customized based on your firm's needs.

Imagine the Possibilities

One choice you can make right now is to imagine the possibilities for the future of your firm when you choose to expand your services. Financial services are a natural fit for CPAs. These services can help meet client demand while also providing additional revenue streams beyond tax season as well as a competitive edge.

The AICPA Horizons 2025 report called up the profession to: "Leverage the strengths of the profession to take on new specializations and adapt to the needs of the clients, employers, and business."

"Promote the CPA as the trusted advisor who, in addition to providing core CPA services, develops solutions to complex problems by integrating knowledge, expertise and resources from multiple disciplines."